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At My Body Contour, we offer a wide variety of Body Contouring treatments to aid in the reduction of fat, cellulite, skin tightening, face lifts, weight loss and more. We are located in the heart of Miami and use only the most advanced, non-surgical and non-invasive forms of weight and fat loss treatments available. Call today for your free consultation or visit us online at


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Welcome to My Body Contour located in Miami, FL. Our Non-Invasive Radio Frequency treatments are the healthy Alternative to Liposuction. In the past Reducing Fact is difficult to do, as well as Skin Tightening, Blood Circulation and Losing Weight. With My Body Contour in Miami you’ll leave Looking Great andFeeling Better about yourself. My Body Contour Offers Advanced Body Contouring treatments that includes, no drugs, no surgery, no downtime, just results!


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Forget botox! With Lipo-Ex non-surgical Facelifts there are no needles! You get a lasting effect with just a few treatments that will have you looking young again. Our non-invasive face lift is the healthy alternative with just plain better results than you would get from any surgery without the down time, without the pain, with out the drugs and best of all, without the needles! For more info about Non-botox face lifts goto our website at and be amazed with results that will last a life time.


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My Body Contour of Miami is expanding to Ft Lauderdale soon! Be on the look out for the greatest Liposuction alternative ever created! No drugs, no surgery, no downtime just results!

Our Lipo-Ex 50% off specials at My Body Contour are getting ready to end and this is your chance to get onto the schedule and start looking and feeling better again. For the few people who do not know about Lipo-Ex, we have been approved by the FDA as a class I medical device, following over 5 years of research studies through the University of Texas. Not only has our treatment been featured on Channel 7 news, CBS 19 news, Great Day In Houston and many other news agencies throughout the world, our system has been proven to work effectively work for fat reduction, facelifts, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, pre and post-liposuction benefits and blood circulation. We offer FREE consultations!

As our Liposuction alternative treatments of 8 start showing significant signs on patients, their family and friends take notice! This non invasive, non-surgical alternative to lipo, Lipo-ex is the number one recommended treatment by plastic surgeons accross America! Fat loss, weight reduction, skin tightening, Face Lifts, blood circulation and sports muscle therapy treatments are available 6 days a week! Located in Miami in the city of Miami-Dade, we will be expanding to Broward county soon into the Ft Lauderdale area! Be on the look out for the grand opening of our new office coming soon!

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