Lymphatic Massage and Post-op Care in Miami

Post-op Lymphatic Massage at My Body Contour

Lymphatic Massage after plastic surgery.

For years, My Body Contour has been proud to offer the most advanced Lymphatic Massage treatments in Miami. With guaranteed results, our patients have seen a difference after just one treatment of our post-op lymphatic massage with heat therapy. We offer more than just a post plastic surgery massage with heat therapy from an advanced and FDA approved machine that has been specially designed to aid in the reduction of water retention, bruising and scarring. As recommended by plastic surgeons around the nation, we have perfected the procedure over ten years of post-operative care and 5 star reviews from both plastic surgery centers and patients alike. In addition to providing fantastic health benefits, My Body Contour’s Lymphatic Massage with heat therapy can also contour your body in problem areas reducing cellulite, liposuction bumps, as well as perfect the intended plastic surgery procedure for the best results. Consider us your plastic surgeons perfectionists!

Lymphatic Massage and Post-op care with My Body Contour in Miami is the best way to speed the healing process, reduce scarring, bruising and swelling after your plastic surgery with our EXCLUSIVE heat therapy lymphatic massage. Offered only at My Body Contour!

Recommended by Plastic Surgeons*
We perfect the plastic surgeons work! (You’ll see results after the first treatment!)
The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage at My Body Contour:
  • Reduce and Eliminate Fibrosis
  • Reduce and Eliminate Seroma
  • Reduce water and fluid retention
  • Reduce Bruising
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce downtime caused by surgery
  • Our Technicians have operating room surgical tech experience at various plastic surgery centers so, we know exactly what you are feeling after your surgery.
My Body Contour Miami has over 10 years of post-op care and lymphatic massage with hands and heat therapy that plastic surgeons would simply call, “magic”. Our technicians have had 4 or more years plastic surgery room experience so, rest assured you’re working with the best and most experienced in the business. We have perfected the most advanced post surgical lymphatic massage and heat therapy for post operative plastic surgery care that anyone has ever experienced. It’s also the most effective. We offer fair competitive pricing along with a professional and pleasant treatment. You will receive your post-op care from someone who has worked in the plastic surgery room as a nurse and has thousands of happy post-op clients and 5 star reviews. The affordable cost of our post-op treatment will save you time and money, as well as save you trips back to the plastic surgeon. It also works great as a pre and post-plastic surgery treatment to help with inflammation, water retention, reduction of scarring and to contour any liposuction or plastic surgery bumps left by plastic surgeons. Click here to learn more about Lymphatic Massage. Call us to schedule your FREE consultation today! 786-925-4449
With My Body Contour, your surgery, perfected.

For more information on post-op Lymphatic Massage with heat therapy at My Body Contour please visit our official website by clicking here!

My Body Contour is located at 1275 W 47th Place #424, Hialeah, FL 33012

We now have online booking available! Click Here to book your appointment today!

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