Lotion for body slimming machines

Rf Conductive Lotion designed for heat and cold body machines


For use with cavitation machines, freeze fat machines and body slimming machines


This lotion is a conductive cream that provides the technician with a smooth working area while providing a conductive layer promoting the even transfer of all body slimming and shaping machines on the market. This lotion has been specially designed for use in med spas and is currently used across the globe for the number one conductive cream in the beauty industry.

There are many benefits in using our advanced RF conductive Lotion. It assists in reducing technician error, improves skin elasticity and skin inflammation. Read more about the Conductive Lotion.

This conductive lotion is specifically designed for the beauty and spa industry. It can be purchased in single 51 ounce jars or purchased in a case of 4.

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