Most Asked Questions regarding Plastic Surgery Post op Care

Post Op Massages
One massage a day is good, unless you have a lot of fluid draining. You should wait at least 3-5 hours in between. One Manual & One Machine session if you will be doubling up on massages per day. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and EAT to prevent nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Drains or No Drains?
Different surgeons have different post op care instructions. For the most part all surgeons recommend Lymphatic Massages to help with the fluid retention. Surgeons who use drains recommend patients to get massages so the fluid gets excreted to prevent seromas. Doctors who do not use drains leave the two incisions in the lower hip area open so the post op therapist can manipulate the fluid out of the body.

How many massages?
Most dolls travel to a different State/Country to get surgery, it is recommended to continue with massages once getting back home. Post op care is harder than the surgery itself. There’s more to worry about after surgery to make sure your results are optimal.

Massages back home?
If you can’t find qualified massage spas back home you’ll have to take care of your massages yourself. Start by either applying a heating pad or hot towels on the area you will start working with. If Fibrosis is present you will have to be aggressive with massages 2-3 times a day same protocol (heat first) you might want to invest in a bread roller to flatten the sides and it’s easier to reach.

What to wear after you bbl?
The first 3-4 months your body is easy molded by a faja, jeans, waist trainers, so please be careful on how tight your cloths is the first few months. Specifically when it comes to a “BBL”. Any extra compression on your “New Booty” will cause some volume loss.

How big to go?
If you would like to have a “Big Butt” speak to your surgeon regarding the volume of fat you want transferred. Keep in mind the more you get the more you will keep. The fat that is transferred is your own fat, your body ends up absorbing anywhere from 20%-30% of it, that’s why in this case “Bigger is Better.”

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