Got Fibrosis?

You spent thousands of dollars on your “Perfect Body”, wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to prevent that ugly fibrosis? Fibrosis threatens every cosmetic surgery preformed not matter who the surgeon is.

Here at My Body Contour, fibrosis is our specialty. We use multiple techniques & equipment to either prevent or treat fibrosis. Notice the difference with just one session, we are the most qualified and experience in Miami.

Did you know that having only “manual lymphatic drainage” causes some scarring in your body after surgery? If the technician uses too much pressure they can cause damage to tissues that are healing underneath the skin. If you’re not using the correct garment, foam, flattening boards, etc. that also can create fibrosis.

My Body Contour will “Perfect Your Surgery”. So what are you waiting for? Say NO to FIBROSIS! 305- CONTOUR

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