Radio Frequency Lotion – Conductive Cream

Conductive Radio Frequency Lotion – Lipo Ex Lipotron Lotion

For use with professional slimming machines that heat and use Radio Frequency Technology. Can also be used with cavitation machines to prevent customer burns. Our Advanced Radio Frequency Body Contour Conductive cream Improves Elasticity, Reduces Wrinkles, prevents effects of aging and super conductive for a great session, with lasting results!

This special cream is designed to be superconductive for use with all radio frequency slimming machines with all of the added benefits that no other so-called RF lotion has to offer. Not only is our Advanced Conductive cream designed to reduce and eliminate any possible burns, It was created with the thick texture needed for lasting conductivity throughout each and every treatment.

There are many benefits of using our Advanced RF cream.


  • Elasticity
  • RF Conductivity
  • Dry Skin


  • Effects of Aging
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Inflammation
  • Technition Error

To purchase My Body Contours Conductive Lotion for professional use, CLICK HERE!

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