What is Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic Massage with Heat Therapy After Plastic Surgery

After Plastic Surgery Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage is the process where a massage therapist assists in speeding the bodies natural reaction to surgery. Essentially massaging towards in the inner abdomen area, the therapist can promote the opening of lymph nodes to reduce water retention and speed the healing process. The same can be done after any general surgery to aid in the healing process but, the procedure is known and popular among plastic surgery patients.

My Body Contour has perfected post-op lymphatic massage by adding an element used only by the most experience post-op care specialists. By adding an FDA approved heat therapy to the Lymphatic Massage, we have accelerated the healing time by 75% with patients being able to walk, bend over and resume light exercise after just the first treatment. My Body Contour is the only Lymphatic Massage specialist that can guarantee results after just one session.

In addition to being able to speed results of lymphatic massage, My Body Contour’s post-op treatments can reduce water retention, reduce swelling, reduce scarring and reduce bruising related to your plastic surgery procedure. This procedure also helps with Seroma and Fibrosis related to surgery.

To find out more about What is Lymphatic Massage, visit our official website by click this link: http://www.mybodycontour.biz/what-is-lymphatic-massage.html

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My Body Contour is located in the heart of Miami, FL at 1275 W 47th Place #424, Hialeah, FL 33012



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