Body transformation!!

It takes more than being born with it to get that gorgeous bikini body and look good  in a bathing suit. Eating Healthy ,fresh food is CRUCIAL, too. Take the first step toward a fiercer figure by joining us @MyBodyContour. We can help you get to your goal with our expertise in Nutrition, Exercise and Lipo-Ex.  We Will fire up your results!

My Body Contour (MBC)  made is simple to eat right. MBC provides an easy-to-follow meal plan complete with a host of zesty recipes that will help you slim  down without sacrificing  FLAVOR!! =) Our meal plan fights fat and boots energy by combining good carbohydrates, lean proteins, low saturated fat, and limited sugar, delivering maximum nutritional power that will fuel your workouts and keep your body-beautiful goals on track.

Want to know the best part?? This plan is custom-tailored to fit your body. Simply calculate your calorie needs, then from the lists provided, pick and choose the meals and snacks that make your taste buds tingle. It’s that easy!

Are you ready for body transformation?

CALL or Email Us for More Info..

305-227-8555 or 305-263-0092

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